Molly Sheehan for U.S. Congress P.A. 7th District

Raised in Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Molly’s family instilled in her the values of fighting for economic and social justice and serving her community. That commitment to service led Molly to a career in science. Today an internationally awarded bioengineer, she earned a PhD in biophysics developing battlefield and remote hospital-ready blood substitutes, and now works to produce new technologies to advance cancer research. From her work in the lab to being a mom, Molly knows progress is made by hearing people's stories first-hand, looking at the evidence and working hard to collaborate. A lifelong Democrat, she will bring her empathetic problem-solving approach to Congress where it is sorely needed.


Sara Johnson Rothman for P.A. Representative District 151

After having served as a special victims prosecutor, Sara is an Education Law attorney, the Vice President of the Upper Dublin School Board, and a mom of two young children. Sara brings a new brand of leadership and a rational voice to counter the current dysfunction of the Pennsylvania legislature. Learn more at


Maria Collet for P.A. Senate District 12

A lifelong advocate for those in need, Maria worked as an attorney fighting for children victimized by abuse and neglect before transitioning to a career in nursing. Working in the areas of pediatric home health, trauma and long term care, Maria has provided comfort and been the voice for people in their most vulnerable moments. As Senator for the 12th District of Pennsylvania (serving parts of Montgomery and Bucks counties), Maria will continue listening to the needs of the community and bringing fresh ideas to Harrisburg where smart decisions and thoughtful discourse can lead Pennsylvania to the forefront of progressive change.         

Veronica Hill-Milbourne

Veronica Hill-Milbourne has lived in Horsham Township for fourteen years, along with her husband of 32 years, Dr. Michael Milbourne, and two daughters who were educated in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. She is a healthcare operations executive, registered nurse and legal compliance professional. A graduate of Villanova University School of Nursing, St. Joseph's University and Temple University School of Law, Veronica has a strong business acumen. She understands the importance of listening to others, and values open and honest dialogue.

Veronica Hill-Milbourne is running for Horsham Township Council because she wants to bring a bipartisan approach to Horsham government. As an advocate for ALL residents, her goal is to build a stronger community in Horsham Township by bringing transparency into local politics. This includes making local government more open and responsive by broadcasting all public township meetings, cutting government waste, and conducting yearly top-to-bottom reviews to make government more efficient.

While Veronica does not believe in increasing Horsham Township taxes, she does believe fresh, new leadership is necessary to help bring an end to the “business as usual” culture that has been pervasive in local government. By adopting the most stringent ethics laws possible, she will strive to prevent unfair business transactions, creating opportunity for those best qualified.

Veronica’s plan also includes the development of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station, in a fiscally responsible way, in order to bring jobs and economic development to Horsham. As your Horsham Township Council representative, she will strive to protect the health and safety of Horsham’s water supply.

Currently, Veronica serves as a Committee Person for Precinct 4-3, Secretary of the Horsham Democratic Committee, and the Correspondence Secretary for the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. Veronica volunteers for numerous community based non-profit organizations. She is passionate about serving her community and others, and cares deeply for Horsham Township.

Vote for Veronica for Horsham Township Council on, Tuesday, November 7th and make the right choice to Move Horsham Forward!

Bill Gallagher


Bill Gallagher is a 35-year resident of Horsham Township, and has been a teacher at Girard College High School in Philadelphia for over 40 years. He and his wife Peggy have two children who attended school in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. Now, Bill Gallagher is running for Horsham Township Council.  

As a social studies teacher, Bill fully understands the United States Government, and knows the critical importance of local government in the everyday lives of our residents. Bringing people, organizations and resources together to better serve our community will be a major focus in improving the quality of life for all residents of Horsham Township. 

Horsham has many challenges as it plans for the future development of the township, and Bill brings important experience as a former real estate agent. He has also been a member of the Horsham Democratic Committee for over 20 years, and has run as a candidate for Township Council and School Board during that time. He is very familiar with the many critical issues facing Horsham Township — the important issues facing us in the future. 

If elected to Horsham Township Council, Bill Gallagher plans to make Horsham Government more open and responsive, and will speak with one voice, representing Horsham residents of all parties. His goals include protecting the quality of our water, attracting new business development and jobs to Horsham Township, and implementing stronger ethical practices in local government.

In addition to his tenure as a Social Studies teacher working with high school students in our region, and his service as a local real estate agent, Bill has also volunteered his time in numerous programs that have assisted less fortunate members of the Horsham community. He has been involved with many great people and organizations in the Horsham area, working to provide food, clothing, financial assistance and other resources to our residents in need. Bill will bring exactly that type of collaboration and understanding to his role in local government, tackling problems and meeting challenges as a member of Horsham Township Council.

On Tuesday, November 7th, vote for Bill Gallagher for Horsham Township Council, the change we need!



Democrat Jeff Saltz was raised in Montgomery County and still calls the community home. He graduated from Princeton University and Harvard University Law School and has practiced law in Montgomery County for more than 30 years, representing individuals and businesses in common pleas courts throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.  His extensive background in all varieties of law earned him the rating of “highly recommended” for the position of judge by the Montgomery Bar Association, and he has been endorsed by PSEA and the Montgomery County Building Trades Association.  He has been honored by a national committee of legal practitioners as a “Super Lawyer” for seven years in a row and is widely recognized as a leading litigation attorney.  For more information visit


 Democrat Wendy Rothstein, a life-long resident of Montgomery County, has practiced law in our county for over 35 years, and has argued before the court of common pleas, the Commonwealth and Superior appellate courts, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  In addition, she has served as a court-appointed master and advisor to the judges for 15 years, and has previously worked as a social worker in the foster care unit of Montgomery County’s department of Children and Youth, as well as a volunteer at the county’s Legal Aid.   She has been honored by the Montgomery Bar Association for her various achievements, and has been endorsed by the PSEA, the Montgomery County Building Trades Association, and the FOP Lodge 37.   For more information visit

Jennifer Wilson for Hatboro-Horsham School Board


About Jennifer Wilson:

Jennifer Wilson is a candidate running for a board seat in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. A five- year resident of Horsham, Jennifer is a devoted wife and mother of two children attending school in the district.

Jennifer said, “I am running for a seat on the Hatboro-Horsham school board because I moved to Horsham for the reputation of its Blue Ribbon schools, and year after year the performance of the schools has declined. As a mother of two young children, I need to do my part to make sure that this cycle of poor performance is turned around. Great schools are the foundation of a strong community.”

Jennifer Wilson Image

Jennifer is a graduate of West Chester University, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in biology. She works as a specialist in engineering at a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Montgomery County, where she effectively leads teams to solve complex problems and improve processes. The news has repeatedly cited that we need to drive more youth towards careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Jennifer is committed to helping our young children consider careers in STEM and wants to leverage her expertise to encourage our children to explore these fields.

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