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    Horsham Township Council Candidates

    Lisa Cellini  

    Lisa Cellini

    Lisa Cellini is a twenty-year resident of Horsham, a master's prepared public health nurse and a clean water advocate. In addition, she is a small business owner and the mother of three children. 

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    Natasha Bagchi 

    Natasha Bagchi moved to Horsham 15 years ago with her husband to raise their family. She has 20 years of experience as a Global Commercial Marketing Leader. 

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    School Board Candidates

    Susan Hunsinger Hoff  

    Susan Hunsinger Hoff

    Susan is a longtime resident of Horsham and Hatboro and is a retired educator. She spent 44 years as a teacher at various schools and also was an adjunct professor of curricular technology at Chestnut Hill University. 

    Learn more about Susan.

    Theresa E. Brown  

    Theresa E. Brown 

    Theresa has lived in Horsham for 39 years. She and her husband raised their three children in Horsham and all three attended school in the Hatboro Horsham School District. Throughout the course of her career, she has served as an administrator, teacher and counselor. 

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    David Brown  

    David P Brown, Sr.

    David has lived in Horsham for 15 years with his wife and two daughters, who are both graduates of Hatboro-Horsham. He is a human resources professional at a non-profit organization.

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    Denise (DJ) Schultz

    DJ has lived in Hatboro with her husband and five children since 2002. In January of 2018, she cofounded a weekend meal program called H.A.T. Packs and is passionate about addressing the needs of the local food insecure student population.

    Learn more about DJ.

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Meghan Kelly

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