What to do if your mail ballot has not arrived

If you requested a mail ballot but it hasn't arrived, don't worry,  your vote can still be counted! In fact, you have options to make your voice heard.

Go to  Voter Services in Norristown no later than Monday.  They will issue a new ballot. You may complete and return it right then.  The office is at 425 Swede St, Norristown PA,. Weekday hours are 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Weekends from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Click here for more information.  (outside of Montco click here or call 833-728-6837 if you need help).

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We've waited four years, we have seen the Republicans pack the Supreme Court creating a 6-3 conservative majority that may thwart the popular vote. 

It is now more important than ever that Democrats win by large margins, especially in Pennsylvania.

The next 6 days is all we have to end the nightmare and Vote Trump Out and Elect Joe Biden and all the Democrats on the ballot.

We know you have been working toward this for years. We know it is hard work, and we thank you for what you have done, but we have to ask you to dig a little deeper and work a little harder these last few days, right through and including Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

Here's what you can do this weekend that will help the most:

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If Not Now, When?

It's 12 days to Election Day!


Let's not let Joe down! Horsham Dems need to make a strong showing for Get Out the Vote!

We can't expect Jonathan Kassa to win this key state house seat without a strong showing in Horsham, and that will only happen if we work hard, especially over the next two weekends.

It's pretty simple.  We need YOU to decide if you are going to Drop Literature at voters' doors (no contact), or make GOTV phone calls. 

All your efforts will benefit Joe Biden & Kamala Harris and all the Democrats running this year.  

The campaigns are especially looking for volunteers to go door-to-door in a safe and socially distanced way leaving literature at voters' doors. 

It's a great way to help get our voters to the polls and enjoy some fresh air.

Let's not wake up on November 4th wishing we had done more.

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Protect the Vote and Get Out the Vote

Protect the Vote in Horsham

Help greet voters and monitor the election in Horsham Township this Nov. 3rd. This election may be the most signficant in our lifetime, but it depends on volunteers like you to ensure it runs smoothly and fairly. We are seeking cheerful greeters to thank voters for their patriotism, while observing the polls for irregularities. Please contribute a few hours of your time. 

1) Click this link to find an available shift at any of the 18 polling stations in Horsham https://signup.com/go/EGUsJLn

2) Choose a location and time:

a) Mornings are the MOST important shifts to fill first

b) There are two slots per shift so bring a friend! 

c) We really need coverage at every poll at all shifts so please choose an open slot. 

3) Sign up! You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password, but be sure to review three optional check boxes. If you leave those checked, you are agreeing to get promotional emails from third parties. 

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It's Get Out The Vote Time!


You have been waiting for GOTV time to phone, text and drop lit.   Well, your time has arrived!
Voting has started.  This is how we are going to reach our voters.   We need to go all out to Turn Harrisburg Blue and get Trump out of office.
All the campaigns are gearing up.  There are time slots available seven days a week.  Pick an activity that suits you, and find a time that works for you. If we all commit to just one hour between now and Election Day it will make a huge difference.
Here's what else you can do

Here's what you can do to make sure we have a fair election and every vote gets counted:

  • Help meet the urgent need for Poll Workers!
    Be a Vote-Early Monitor for the Biden campaign and PA Dems, monitor the process, educate voters, report to the Voter Protection Team.
  • Be a Poll Observer
  • Sign up to staff the Voter Assistance Hotline or do other things to protect the right to vote

Here's what you can do to make sure YOUR vote counts:

From now until Election Day, it's all hands on deck!  We need to make sure:

  • Our voters vote their mail-in ballots
  • The polls are fully staffed
  • We have "eyes on" polling places to make sure voters are not intimidated. 

Thank you for what you have done, and please, consider what else you can do between now and November 3 to make sure Pennsylvania carries the Biden-Harris team to victory, we flip the state legislature, and sweep the state-wide races.


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The Ballots are Coming! The Ballots are Coming!

We are just over 30 days from the end of Voting.  Voting will begin any day now when our mail in ballots arrive.  Here's what you need to know


To see a demo on how to complete your ballot, Click here.

Click for Montco Drop Box locations

Click for Montco Voter Services Satellite Locations


Not sure where your ballot is? Check the status here.

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How Trump Can Win

A Biden victory is not a sure thing.  Consider this from yesterday's The New York Times The Morning newsletter:

  • Trump will narrowly win re-election if the results differ from the current polls by as much as the 2016 results differed from the final polls.
  • In this scenario, he would win all the states where he leads or trails very narrowly.
  • Even with those, Trump would need one more, and the most likely seems to be Pennsylvania, where Biden’s lead has hovered around 5% points
  • Trump trails in Pennsylvania by less than he does in Wisconsin or Michigan, two other states he won in 2016. “Pennsylvania has to be troubling the Biden campaign,” the Times reporter says
  • Last week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court sided with Trump and ruled that election officials could not count mailed ballots that arrived in only a single envelope, and not sealed in the “secrecy” envelope
  • One local official told The Philadelphia Inquirer that the ruling could lead to more than 100,000 ballots being thrown out
  • In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes!

We have 40 days to make sure this does not happen!

Here's what you can do NOW to make sure Biden and local Democrats win:

Here's what you can do to make sure we have a fair election and every vote gets counted:

Here's what you can do to make sure YOUR vote counts:

Mail-in Ballots are Coming Soon! When your mail-in ballot arrives:

  • Vote for each race as soon as your ballot arrives.  There is no "straight party" voting.
  • NO NAKED BALLOTS! Put your completed ballot into the “secrecy envelope” first.  If you don't it will not be counted!
  • Put the secrecy envelope inside the pre-addressed envelope, sign in the space provided on the back, and write the date of signing.
  • Check out this video to see exactly how to complete your ballot.
  • Mail your ballot back as soon as you complete it, no postage required.
  • Beginning October 3, you may use a Drop Box to deliver your own and only your own properly completed (see above) ballot. Click here for details.
  • Click here for full details on all your voting options

We know that these appeals seem relentless.  The fact is that as much work as we have done, there is much more to do.  Thank you for what you have done, and please, consider what else you can do between now and November 3 to make sure Pennsylvania carries the Biden-Harris team to victory, we flip the state legislature, and sweep the state-wide races.


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BIDEN-HARRIS YARD SIGNS! (and much more)

Less than two months to go!  Voting will start in less than 2 weeks!

This week we are adding  Biden-Harris yard signs,  literature drops for Jonathan Kassa, and phone banks for Christina Finello.   

There is an URGENT need for Poll Workers!

Phone Banks and can really use your help.  Phoning is the number one way we have to personally connect with voters.  Please, sign up for one shift.

With the autodialer, you speak to many more voters and the time just seems to fly by!  Training and support are always available.

We also have more texting and postcarding opportunities, and information on how you can protect the right to vote. 

Scroll down to check it all out.

There are only 55 days until Election Day, and voting starts in as soon as 6 days. Make every day count. Now is the time to get into ACTION! 

Have YOU made your plan to vote?  Get 3 friends to make a plan and triple your vote!

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Texting, Postcards and More!

We are really ramping up activities now that we are only 62 days to Election Day. Voting starts in parts of Pennsylvania in less than 2 weeks! We have added Phone Bank days, and the plan is to use the dialer for most phone banks. That means no dialing by hand, and more conversations with voters! Check out the details below. 

We also have more texting and added postcarding opportunities, and information on how you can protect the right to vote

Join the Pennsylvania Jewish Americans for Biden Launch with Doug Emhoff tomorrow afternoon and learn about vote tripling on Saturday.

Plus, there is a great live streaming event with Jonathan Kassa, Madeleine Dean, Maria Collett and Dr. Val Arkoosh on Monday, Labor Day, at noon.

There are less than 9 weeks until Election Day, and voting starts in 13 days. Now is the time to get into ACTION! 

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Make a Plan to Vote


It's time to tune out the noise about voting and take a few minutes to MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE.

It's easier than ever to vote in Pennsylvania.  In fact, there are now three ways to vote:  In person at your county election board starting in a few weeks, vote-by mail, and in person at you polling location on Election Day.  The thing is, you don't want to wait to think about it.  The best way to keep you options open is to APPLY FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT TODAY!   Just follow these steps:


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