It's Get Out The Vote Time!


You have been waiting for GOTV time to phone, text and drop lit.   Well, your time has arrived!
Voting has started.  This is how we are going to reach our voters.   We need to go all out to Turn Harrisburg Blue and get Trump out of office.
All the campaigns are gearing up.  There are time slots available seven days a week.  Pick an activity that suits you, and find a time that works for you. If we all commit to just one hour between now and Election Day it will make a huge difference.
Here's what else you can do

Here's what you can do to make sure we have a fair election and every vote gets counted:

  • Help meet the urgent need for Poll Workers!
    Be a Vote-Early Monitor for the Biden campaign and PA Dems, monitor the process, educate voters, report to the Voter Protection Team.
  • Be a Poll Observer
  • Sign up to staff the Voter Assistance Hotline or do other things to protect the right to vote

Here's what you can do to make sure YOUR vote counts:

From now until Election Day, it's all hands on deck!  We need to make sure:

  • Our voters vote their mail-in ballots
  • The polls are fully staffed
  • We have "eyes on" polling places to make sure voters are not intimidated. 

Thank you for what you have done, and please, consider what else you can do between now and November 3 to make sure Pennsylvania carries the Biden-Harris team to victory, we flip the state legislature, and sweep the state-wide races.


Voting has started.  In four weeks, the last votes will be in.  Make sure your vote counts. 



To see a demo on how to complete your ballot, Click here.

Click for more detailed instructions

With your completed mail-in ballot, you have two options:

1) Vote from Home:  Mail your ballot

2) Vote Early:  Use a Drop Box, or  one of the five Board of Elections offices

Click for Montco Drop Box locations

Click for Montco Board of Elections Offices

Other counties:

Not sure where your ballot is? Check the status here.

Still haven't applied? click here to see your options, but hurry!

Haven't registered to vote?  You only have until October 19.  Did you know you may register on-line, or you may register in person, get your ballot and vote all in one trip?  Click to learn how

Want more information about Early Voting options? Learn more

Help Us Make Sure Ballots are Arriving  Click here when you receive your ballot

Biden-Harris Yard Signs


Show your support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Don't let Trump own the outdoor spaces!  Let's put them up as fast as they take them down.

1 sign-$10    3 signs-$25    7 signs-$50

Protect Democracy and get Paid for it


Elections are made possible by thousands of regular citizens serving as poll workers across the Commonwealth.

This year, the need in Horsham is greater than ever!  Many regular poll workers are older and at higher risk for contracting Covid-19, so are not able to serve. 

This is a great opportunity to participate hands-on in our democracy for those at lower risk, students age 17, and students and other young adults 18 or older.  Training and PPE will be provided. These are paid positions. You must be a registered voter and a resident of Montgomery County, or a student age 17.

Lit Drop for Jonathan Kassa


We are going door-to-door to leave literature hanging on the door.  No knock, No Talk. Lit drops are one of the best ways to get Jonathan Kassa's name out there to voters.  If these times don't work for you email [email protected]

Sign up to Phone Bank

It's Get Out the Vote (GOTV) time! Choose a day and time that works best for you--weekday or weekends, afternoons or evenings.

Even just an hour, WILL make a difference. There is training before each shift. For first-timers, sign up for a training session any Monday.  

You can sign up for a shift in advance, or if you decide spur of the moment that you want to call or text, you can sign up during any of the available hours and start connecting with voters.

Get Out the Vote for Jonathan Kassa and help Turn PA Blue


Winning this race is key to flipping the state house.  The Republicans are fighting hard to keep this seat.  Plus, almost every voter we turn out for Jonathan Kassa will be a voter for Joe Biden and the all the Democrats.  Phone banks are open every day except Thursday and Friday. If you want to make call on those days,  email [email protected].

Get Out the Vote for Biden-Harris and all Pa Dems


We know that Pennsylvania is a battleground state, again. According to, it may well decide the election. That means we need to get as many votes for Joe Biden as possible from all over the Commonwealth.  Even if we can't win in many parts of the state, every vote we get cuts into Trump's total and helps us avoid a catastrophic repeat of 2016.

Voting has started, so has GOTV! If there ever was an election when we needed all the help we can get to phone and text voters, this is it!   

There is training and real-time support during every shift.  Even if you have never called or texted before, give it a try.

Phone Bank for Christina Finello for Congress (PA-01)


Did you know that the First Congressional District is one of only two in the country that went for Clinton in 2016 and is still held by a Republican?

We can change that this year by working to elect Christina Finello.  The first district includes part of Horsham, and we are asking all Horsham residents to show their support by signing up for one phone bank shift. 

It is time to elect a Congresswoman who will stand up for PA families and stand up to Donald Trump.

Phone banks are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00 PM

Phone Bank Training


If you are new to phone banking, or need a refresher, TurnPaBlue is offering training every Monday at 7 PM.  Come get trained and ask questions.

You Can Protect Voting Rights

Poll Observers are our first line of defense against voter intimidation and confusion at the polls. The PA Democratic Party is building the largest team of volunteers PA has ever had!  Find out more below.

If that isn't for you, but you want to help protect voting rights,  register below for some other options.


NEW TIME Fri, Oct 9, 4-5:30PM

Community Meeting

Join the Back to Blue weekly Horsham-area community meeting to learn about the work we’re doing to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania.


Sun, Oct 11, 7-8:30PM


For the past decade, the Republican legislature has accomplished little while stopping meaningful change for Pennsylvanians at every turn. It's time to put an end to their reign. With a Democratic majority in Harrisburg, we can take action on the issues that matter, like equitable education funding, gun safety, and environmental protection. Supporting Jonathan's campaign gets us one step closer to these goals

Have a great week, stay safe. 




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