Phone and Text Bank 2020

Virtual Phone and Text Banks and Trainings

If you were waiting until the general to phone bank or text, now is your time! 

We have time slots every day of the week.  There is training before every session.  Most of the calls will be made with the dialer, which means you will be connected to calls only if there is a person to speak with! For both texting and calling through the dialer, you will not be revealing your phone number to the voter.
So far this year we are not door-to-door canvassing, so phoning and texting is the best way to reach voters.  We need to make tens of thousands of calls and send even more texts to reach all the voters we want to before mail-in ballots are available in just a few weeks!
These are persuasion calls and texts, which means we will be contacting undecided Democrats and Independents and Republicans who might be voting Democrat this year. This is how we are going to flip Harrisburg and get Trump out of office.

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