Committee List

Here is our list of Committee People (elected members) of the Horsham Democratic Committee. (Note that * next to a name means they will be appointed in mid-June) We also have Deputy Committee People who are part of our precinct "teams".

Let us know if you'd like to hear more about becoming a Committee Person or Deputy CP [email protected]

To contact anyone in this list please send an email to [email protected]

Horsham 1-1 Rich Gardner*
Horsham 1-1  
Horsham 1-2 Alan McPeak
Horsham 1-2  
Horsham 1-3 David Brown*
Horsham 1-3 Patrick Costello
Horsham 1-4 Ellen Zschunke
Horsham 1-4 Diane Fink
Horsham 1-5 Catherine Leven*
Horsham 1-5  
Horsham 2-1 Theresa Brown
Horsham 2-1 Kelly Colleen Snyder
Horsham 2-2 Diane Rigotti
Horsham 2-2  
Horsham 2-3 Daniel Gargel
Horsham 2-3  
Horsham 2-4 Charles Horner
Horsham 2-4 Bill Gallagher
Horsham 3-1 Rachel Peters
Horsham 3-1  
Horsham 3-2 Judy Fry
Horsham 3-2  
Horsham 3-3 Jennifer Wilson
Horsham 3-3 Melissa Cerrato
Horsham 3-4  
Horsham 3-4 Paul Gallagher
Horsham 3-5  
Horsham 3-5  
Horsham 4-1 Jane Beier
Horsham 4-1 Jodi Pollock
Horsham 4-2 Jan Enger
Horsham 4-2  
Horsham 4-3 Peggy Leiby
Horsham 4-3  
Horsham 4-4 Brian Veasy
Horsham 4-4  
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