Hatboro-Horsham School Board Candidates

HHSB_4_TU_SMALL.jpgIn maintaining/developing high education standards, we must have open communication with parents, 
students, teachers, administration and residents, as well as a transparent mode of operation. We must be fiscally responsible within the constraints of the current financial climate. We need to bring back a feeling of pride in our district (teachers and administrators that are proud to work 
here, parents and students who are proud of the education, taxpayers who are proud to live here). In providing a safe environment for the students in school and on their way to and from school. The quality of our schools has a direct effect on property values as well as community profile. School Board has the authority over curriculum, spending, educational strategies and staffing. It is your tax dollars that are being spent.

Click on the links to read the individual bio's of our Candidates for the Hatboro-Horsham School Board. Clockwise from top left:Theresa Brown, Wendy Kephart, Carolyn Kushner, Susan Shinton and Sharon Labow.



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