Scott Freda


Scott Freda is an entrepreneur, business leader, and an activist. He’ll bring a much needed perspective and a fresh approach to the challenges facing Horsham.

For more than 15 years, Scott has been a small business owner, meeting payrolls, balancing budgets, and using his common-sense approach to guide his business through tough economic times.

Throughout his career, Scott’s passion has led 
him to serve as an advisor to presidents, senators, governors, and mayors. Scott understands how government should work for you. He will use his business experience and relationships to bring new businesses and new jobs to Horsham.

Lauren and Scott Freda moved to Horsham four years ago 
and are raising their two sons, Brayden and Cole here. 
Scott is running for Horsham Council to make a great 
place even better and to be a new voice on the council. 
Democrat Scott Freda for Horsham Council.

1. No Tax Increases.
2. Cut government waste and conduct yearly top-to-bottom reviews to make 
government more efficient.
3. Make government more open and responsive by broadcasting all public township meetings.
4. Adopt the toughest ethics ordinance possible.
5. Fresh new leadership for Horsham that will end the business 
as usual culture of 
local government.


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