Be Part of the Action August 4th

By now you have seen the big news about our Day of Action this Saturday.  Former Governor Martin O’Malley will be here as we engage with voters in Horsham to support Sara Johnson Rothman and Maria Collett.

If you are not able to canvass, you can still be a part of this great kick off to the fall campaign here in Horsham.  We will have  a phone bank at the new campaign headquarters 714 N Bethlehem Pike, Suite 200, Ambler 19002.  Bring your phone. We will have call sheets, scripts, and provide training.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will have even more need for callers. So rain or shine, come on down at 11:00 AM (new time), meet Governor O’Malley and our candidates, and make some calls to make a difference!  

If instead of making call you are tempted to try door-to-door canvassing, or to get back to it after taking a break, this a great opportunity. We will canvassing in the third ward, one of the most walkable areas of the township. Now is the time to build name recognition for Sara and Maria.  There will other opportunities to make phone calls, but we can’t promise another chance to canvass with Governor O’Malley.

We will have training and can send you out with an experienced canvasser.  So, grab a hat, water and sunscreen and meet at 11:00 AM at the newly opened campaign headquarters at 714 N Bethlehem Pike, Suite 200, Ambler 19002.

We hope to see you Saturday!

Note the change of location for canvassing staging from "Peggy's barn" to the new headquarters. We will also be writing messages to voters on postcards that the campaigns will stockpile and use to get out the vote on November 6.  If you can stop by headquarters after 11 on Saturday morning, that is another way to help change happen.


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