Day of Action June 23rd


Our first choice for tomorrow is to go door-to-door.  If you are up for that, please meet at noon as noted below at 812 Warren Rd, Ambler 19002.   If the weather interferes with those plans, we will call instead.


We have the opportunity to support Sarah Johnson Rothman and Maria Collet this Saturday, June 23.

The weather threatens to disrupt the planned door-to-door canvass, so the campaigns want to mount a phone bank. The plan is to meet at Maria Collett's 812 Warren Road, Ambler 19002, between noon and 4 to kick off the general election campaign.  If you have some time on Saturday, please bring your cell phone to Maria's  and make some calls!  There will be call sheets and scripts.  

It may seem early, but Maria and Sarah need to get their names in front of voters early and often.  Both can win, but they need our support now, and throughout the campaign.
If you have some time to spare on Saturday (even 30 minutes will help),  please come out and make some calls.
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