Don't Just Read and Get Angry... DO Something!

Don't just read and get angry. DO something.

Breaking: There is a Primary Election on May 21st!

All politics is local. Help us elect the candidates running today, so we are stronger for the fight. We're out again tomorrow, going door to door with palm cards and yard signs and absentee ballot requests. It makes a difference. Make a difference with us

We're Going Door to Door This Weekend: Will You Join Us?

The gathering place this and every Saturday is Peggy Leiby's barn at 524 Cedar Hill Road. We will provide current Walk Sheets, Clipboards, and Palm Cards, and any training required if you have not done this sort of thing before. We will meet at 10am to pick up materials, which may be returned at any time during the weekend to the provided drop-box.

Nothing is as effective as door to door outreach. As little as an hour can make a big difference in a Primary vote total.

Will you help us make a difference by telling Primary voters about our candidates on Saturday?

Will YOU Display a Lawn Sign?

We get it, you are mad, and no-one is doing anything about it. Steny Hoyer is even saying 'Don't Impeach', what's up with that? 

If you want elected's to do their job, you need to do yours. if you will not stand up and say "I'm a Democrat and I've had enough!", why should Democratic leadership listen to you? and NOTHING CHANGES.

Many people in Horsham are frightened to display a Democratic Party lawn sign: what would the neighbors think? Maybe my garbage will not get picked up. Bad things might happen.

Well guess what?  There are more of us than you might think, but nobody knows that because everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move. Your garbage will still get picked up, and nothing bad will happen because you put a sign on your lawn. Not putting a sign out, on the other hand, makes it seem like there is nothing to oppose the bad things happening elsewhere. 

It is time to represent. Be a leader: click the link, request your signs, and voice your anger by supporting the candidates we can elect today, so we are stronger in the campaigns to come.

Request a sign by clicking below and filling out the request form.
We will contact you and arrange for a time for your sign(s) to be delivered to your home.




Can You Volunteer on Election Day May 21st?

At every Polling place, during Election day, we ask people to serve as 'Greeters'. What does a greeter do? Just what it sounds like: Greet voters, answer any questions they may have, and ensure they know who the endorsed Democratic candidates are who they should vote for.

There are 14 polling places in Horsham, and they are open from 7am -8PM. Covering that many places for that long is difficult. Typically we divide the day up into shifts and ask people to volunteer for one or more time slots, during times of day that work with their individual schedules. 

To schedule volunteers to perform this important task, there is a signup genius (of course there is :-)). Please go there now and sign up for a shift as a volunteer greeter and hep us ensure that voters know who to vote for on Primary Day! 


None of This is Free. Can you Help Us Pay For Our Defence of Democracy?

Palm Cards, Signs, Web Sites, Candidate Videos. All of this costs $. We're not spending like drunken sailors, but money is going out the door and there is always another expense.

Elections are costly and even a small contribution can make a big difference.

Please make a donation today to support our candidates and our efforts to elect them.


Meet the Candidates 

These are the local candidates running in the election this year: 

Horsham Council: 

Hatboro-Horsham School Board: 


Horsham Dems 2019 Meeting Schedule

Horsham Democratic Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Our agenda includes presentations by candidates for public office, updates by elected officials, and practical information for committee members and guests. Our 2019 meeting schedule is as follows: 

May 21st (also Primary Election day, so this may turn into an after-party, stay tuned!)
June 18th
July 16th
August 20th
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th - This will be a post-election Celebration and Volunteer Appreciation event

All of our regular meetings are hosted at the Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church on Witmer Road in Horsham, beginning at 7PM. You can find our complete event listing on Facebook here.

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