Lisa Cellini Announces Run for Horsham Council


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     February 1, 2019

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Lisa Cellini Announces Run for Horsham Council

Event held by Horsham Democratic Committee showcases strength of support for Democratic Candidates in upcoming municipal elections


Lisa Cellini announced her 2019 run for Horsham Council at the Ukrainian American Sport Center on Thursday night. Lisa Cellini is a small business owner, a public health nurse, and a clean water advocate. She was recently appointed to the Environmental Advisory Council by Horsham Council. She and her husband Carl have lived in Horsham for twenty years and have three grown children.

The announcement was made at a ‘Candidate Reveal’ event where a slate of local council and school board candidates was unveiled. The event was attended by Democratic Party leaders from Horsham and Montgomery County, as well as numerous elected officials at the state and local level.  

Lisa Cellini's signature issue is the contamination of Horsham water by chemicals historically used at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station, and the impact of this contamination on the residents of Horsham and on the township as a whole. Lisa Cellini intends to utilize her previous  experience as a Public Health leader to assist in arriving at good solutions for delivering clean, fresh water to Horsham while addressing funding for necessary Base clean up, and medical follow up for impacted residents. Cellini is also very interested in expanding Horsham's artistic community and facilities. Increasing support to the arts could improve our business climate and make Horsham a more attractive place to live.

Montgomery County Chair Valerie Arkoosh spoke at the launch event and said, "Lisa's long record of leadership and advocacy in Horsham is the change we need on Council. Her background in public health will mean that she will be a leader on many of the issues facing the Horsham community."

Current Horsham Council member Bill Gallagher introduced Lisa to the crowded room, which included more than a hundred Horsham residents and supporters from both parties. “Lisa has been working with Horsham Council as a water activist for a long time, and has gained the trust of council members on these issues, because she has put in the hard work required to really understand the details. Her deep ties to the community and her knowledge in this area will make her a great member of Horsham Council.“

State Senator Maria Collett (D-District 12) commended Cellini on her advocacy to address Horsham’s PFAS crisis. “I am proud to see Lisa stepping up. As a fellow nurse and passionate advocate, I know she has what it takes to listen and lead,” Collett said. “As a Horsham Council member, Lisa will be able to make an even bigger impact in fighting to improve our health, safety, and quality of life here in Horsham.”

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