Make a Plan to Vote


It's time to tune out the noise about voting and take a few minutes to MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE.

It's easier than ever to vote in Pennsylvania.  In fact, there are now three ways to vote:  In person at your county election board starting in a few weeks, vote-by mail, and in person at you polling location on Election Day.  The thing is, you don't want to wait to think about it.  The best way to keep you options open is to APPLY FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT TODAY!   Just follow these steps:


The counties will start mailing ballots to voters who have applied for them beginning in late September or early October.  With a mail-in ballot, you then have three ways to vote.

First, you just complete the ballot, seal it in the secrecy envelope, seal that in the return envelope, sign the return envelope and send it back, postage paid by the state.

Second,  you may take YOUR OWN ballot to the County Board of Elections and deliver it in person on or before October 27.  You may only deliver your own ballot this way, you may not deliver a family member's or anyone else's ballot.   If you decide to do this, call the Board of Elections first to make sure of their hours.  Some counties may have additional drop-off options as we get closer to Election Day.

Third, you may take your mail-in ballot and the return envelope to your polling place on Election Day and vote in person in the regular way.  You will surrender your ballot to the Judge of Elections and sign a declaration that you have not voted in any other way.

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