Veronica Hill-Milbourne

Veronica Hill-Milbourne has lived in Horsham Township for fourteen years, along with her husband of 32 years, Dr. Michael Milbourne, and two daughters who were educated in the Hatboro-Horsham School District. She is a healthcare operations executive, registered nurse and legal compliance professional. A graduate of Villanova University School of Nursing, St. Joseph's University and Temple University School of Law, Veronica has a strong business acumen. She understands the importance of listening to others, and values open and honest dialogue.

Veronica Hill-Milbourne is running for Horsham Township Council because she wants to bring a bipartisan approach to Horsham government. As an advocate for ALL residents, her goal is to build a stronger community in Horsham Township by bringing transparency into local politics. This includes making local government more open and responsive by broadcasting all public township meetings, cutting government waste, and conducting yearly top-to-bottom reviews to make government more efficient.

While Veronica does not believe in increasing Horsham Township taxes, she does believe fresh, new leadership is necessary to help bring an end to the “business as usual” culture that has been pervasive in local government. By adopting the most stringent ethics laws possible, she will strive to prevent unfair business transactions, creating opportunity for those best qualified.

Veronica’s plan also includes the development of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station, in a fiscally responsible way, in order to bring jobs and economic development to Horsham. As your Horsham Township Council representative, she will strive to protect the health and safety of Horsham’s water supply.

Currently, Veronica serves as a Committee Person for Precinct 4-3, Secretary of the Horsham Democratic Committee, and the Correspondence Secretary for the Montgomery County Democratic Committee. Veronica volunteers for numerous community based non-profit organizations. She is passionate about serving her community and others, and cares deeply for Horsham Township.

Vote for Veronica for Horsham Township Council on, Tuesday, November 7th and make the right choice to Move Horsham Forward!

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