What Does the Horsham Democratic Committee Stand For?


The official mission, per this website, is that the Horsham Democratic Committee (HDC) is committed to helping to move our township, state, and country forward by supporting candidates who put the best interests of all Americans and our long-term future first and foremost. HDC works to:

  • Educate voters on candidates and issues to help them make informed decisions. Monthly meetings and this blog are part of that effort. HDC advocates for fair and responsible government that works in the best interests of all Horsham residents. We believe in transparency in policies, government spending, and in access to information.
  • Boost voter registration and participation rates. Every vote does count, especially in local races.
  • Support candidates’ outreach efforts to contact voters.
  • Recruit candidates for township and school board races. We’re proud to back Jennifer Wilson for school board; and Veronica Hill-Milbourne, and Bill Gallagher for Horsham Township Council. Get out and vote for them on Tuesday, November 7th. (If you need an absentee ballot, be sure to apply by Oct. 31. Click here.) 
  • At present, all members of township council and the Hatboro-Horsham School Board are Republicans, although nearly half the township’s voters are registered Democrats or independents. HDC believes that bipartisan representation is needed in every area of government in Horsham.
  • Participate in local meetings and events to ensure that our voices are heard. No one likes to pay taxes but they’re the cost of living in a civilized society; on the flip side, the institutions that spend our tax dollars should do so wisely. We also believe in respecting the rights of all Horsham citizens, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, or religion.

HDC also supports strong public schools; education is a key to opportunities and helping citizens improve their lives. Economic development also is crucial but must be tempered with environmental concerns. We want our township to be safe not only from crime but ecologically. The water contamination issue is an area where all citizens must have a voice.

To become involved with the Horsham Democratic Committee and help us meet these goals, please visit our web page and sign up to volunteer today.


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