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A Message from the Cerrato Campaign:


We knew this race was going to be tough and we knew that it would be tight. I have told thousands of voters at their doors that EVERY VOTE MATTERS and this race is proving that is true.  

As of last count on Tuesday, we were trailing my opponent by only 26 votes. There are many ballots that remain to be counted and we are wholly optimistic that we will prevail when they are.  

To ensure that every vote is counted and no voter is disenfranchised we must remain patient during this time and allow the County to follow all proper procedures.  

We have pulled in the Elias Law Group to assist us in all legal challenges that arise. While I thought I would not need to ask anymore of you in this race, I realize that I need you once more.  We ensured that every dollar we raised had gone to getting our message out across the district and getting out the vote. This has left us with no remaining balance to use for a legal fund

Help us prove that EVERY VOTE MATTERS and ensure that every vote is counted by donating here:

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to celebrating with you all when the last vote is tallied.  





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