Texting, Postcards and More!

We are really ramping up activities now that we are only 62 days to Election Day. Voting starts in parts of Pennsylvania in less than 2 weeks! We have added Phone Bank days, and the plan is to use the dialer for most phone banks. That means no dialing by hand, and more conversations with voters! Check out the details below. 

We also have more texting and added postcarding opportunities, and information on how you can protect the right to vote

Join the Pennsylvania Jewish Americans for Biden Launch with Doug Emhoff tomorrow afternoon and learn about vote tripling on Saturday.

Plus, there is a great live streaming event with Jonathan Kassa, Madeleine Dean, Maria Collett and Dr. Val Arkoosh on Monday, Labor Day, at noon.

There are less than 9 weeks until Election Day, and voting starts in 13 days. Now is the time to get into ACTION! 

Have an Impact--Text!


Back to Blue has launched texting on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in support of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and all the Democrats on the ballot.  You text from your computer, not your phone, so you are not revealing your phone number. Training and real-time help provided.

Reach voters where they live with texts to their phones.  Sign up, get trained, and help Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and all Democrats win big in Pennsylvania!

Calling All Postcarders!


Sending postcards to voters is a great way to get involved in the campaign on your own schedule, in your own home, or wherever you have a place to write.  The Kassa campaign is looking to reach voters in Horsham with Jonathan's message.  We will provide the cards and sample messages.  Your contribution of postage is greatly appreciated, but not required.

You Can Protect Voting Rights

Poll Observers are our first line of defense against voter intimidation and confusion at the polls. The PA Democratic Party is building the largest team of volunteers PA has ever had!  Find out more below.

If that isn't for you, but you want to help protect voting rights,  register below for some other options.

Do You Have a Plan to Vote?


The best way to be sure your vote is counted is to make a plan NOW for how you are going to vote!  It has never been easier to vote in Pennsylvania. Don't Delay. Click HERE for Complete Information!

After you make your plan, talk to your friends and family and help them MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE!

Sign up to Phone Bank

Phonebanking is in full swing.  You can choose a day and time that works best for you--weekday or weekends, afternoons or evenings.

Even if you have just an hour, it WILL make a difference. There is always training before each session. For more in-depth training, especially for first-timers, sign up for a training session any Monday.  

You can sign up for a shift in advance, or if you decide spur of the moment that you want to call or text, you can sign up during any of the available hours and start connecting with voters.

Phone Bank Close to Home

Almost every voter we turn out for Jonathan Kassa will be a voter for Joe Biden and the all the Democrats.  If you want to focus your efforts in and around Horsham, sign up to phone on Wednesday or Monday evenings.



Phone Bank Across Pennsylvania


We know that Pennsylvania is a battleground state, again.  That means we need to get as many votes for Joe Biden as possible from all over the Commonwealth.  Even if we can't win in many parts of the state, every vote we get cuts into Trump's total and helps us avoid a catastrophic repeat of 2016.

Now is the time to Phone!


Phone Bank Training


If you are new to phone banking, or need a refresher, TurnPaBlue is offering training every Monday at 7 PM.  Come get trained and ask questions.


Thursday, September 3, 2:30pm

Pennsylvania Jewish Americans for Biden Launch with Doug Emhoff

Doug Emhoff and Congresswoman Susan Wild will join Biden for President Pennsylvania to formally launch the state’s Jewish Americans for Biden outreach program. Participants, including Ambassador Dan Shapiro, former Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, and PA House Deputy Minority Whip Jared Solomon, will speak to the critical role that the Jewish community will play in this election, and what is at stake in November.  To learn more,


Saturday, September 5, 11:30-12:15 PM

Triple your vote? Join the Back to Blue weekly Horsham-area community meeting to learn about the work we’re doing to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania.

This week, we will be learning about vote tripling and improve our relational organizing skills. 

Monday, September 7, 12:00-1:00 PM


Jonathan Kassa, our candidate for State Representative (HD-151) will be joined by Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, State Senator Maria Collett, and Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Dr. Val Arkoosh for Women Voters for Jonathan Kassa, presented by Turn PA Blue.

Join us this Labor Day Monday (before your cookout starts) from 12:00 to 1:00.

Have a great week, stay safe and TAKE ACTION TODAY TO WIN IN NOVEMBER.

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